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Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen covered with a counterweight, or do you need new cabinets for storing all dishes? Perhaps you are looking for kitchen design ideas for updating and modernizing outdated style. Regardless of plans, professional kitchen designers and kitchen remodelers from Bay Home Builders, Inc. can help design and build the new kitchen you want.


Bathroom Renovation

From the successful renovations of the bathroom under our belt, we have a practical experience to complete the most complex projects, from 100 years old historic homes to the most modern suburban houses. With experienced project managers, architects, designers, plumbers, master electricians, tilers specialists, craftsmen and technicians from the old school, we offer a range of internship skills that enable us to manage your project from our initial assessment to the final nail.



Your roof shields your home from the heat of the sun and avalanches of rain, sleet, and snow. But, as all homeowners discover sooner or later, roofs do not last forever. In order to better understand the roof and what it means to repair or replace, we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions of our roof experts in the San Francisco Bay area.


All Related Home Foundation Services

Hot weather is one of the major causes of cracking in the foundation. The soil will begin to decrease as the temperature rises, as well as dry winds; which causes moisture vapor to evaporate in the soil. The foundation will then sink, especially if there are gaps in the space between the dirt and the footings, which endangers the strength of the foundation.


Garage conversion& ADU

Nirvana Builders has completed dozens of garage conversions and are happy to share our expertise on their design, permitting, and construction.



We can build it, repair it, power wash it and more. Nirvana Builders is the one-call solution to all of your deck and patio improvement projects.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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